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There was problem sending your activation email, please contact us. Baubillier, L. Becker, Carl Sr. Bell, John M. Blakemore, G. Breazzano, Vincenzo Bredall, J. Bryant, L. Bryant, Ole H. Carzoglio, Luigi B. Clark, Oscar L. Collins, H. Comuni, Antonio Conant, William A. Condax, Louis M. Dykes, George Langton. Eklid, Arnt O. Ekstrand, Gustaf V. Enders, F. Fivaz, Charles F. I Glier, Robert L. Haas, John Haddad, Dawn M.

Hadley, George H. Hall, Roscoe G. Hall, William H. Halliday, R. Hansen, Frederik Wilhelm Hansen, J. Rummelhof Hansen, Sverre Hanson, H. Heimer, B. Howard, Frank Howe, Arthur W. Howell, T. Jacklin, Cyril William Jacklin, T.

19 Best Cello Reviews 2020 – Best Cello Brands

Jackson, John S. Martin, E. Firm Martin, G. Maxwell, Edwin C.This site lists hundreds of links to violin makers from around the world. This listing differs from a search engine result in two important ways. The first and most obvious difference is that the violin makers list is organized by continent, country, and in the case of the United States, by state.

Where Your Cello Is Made

But the second and perhaps more important difference is this list provides a service to the music community by giving visibility to violin makers, who based on search engine rankings, would be all but invisible. And this provides a more level playing field where the violin maker's status as an individual artisan is given more weight than his ability to craft a website. The violin makers listing was created from direct submittals to our site as well as from search engines such as Google, Yahoo!

If you would like to be included in our list, simply send us a request to consider your site. We do not screen sites based on beauty or quality or in fact impose any subjective standards for inclusion except one--you must be a violin maker who is identifiable by name--not by company. Although many violin makers operate within the framework of a company, we would like to focus on the individual. One more point, the term "violin maker" as it is used here, refers to one who makes stringed instruments derived from the original viols.

This would include anyone who makes violins, violas, cellos, basses, viols, viola da gambas, but not guitars, mandolins, etc. If you are one of the few makers who produces both types of stringed instruments, you may still request a submittal for the list.

Making guitars is not a lesser pursuit, it is just not our intent to include these sites. Home - This site lists hundreds of links to violin makers from around the world.The decision to buy your first cello can feel daunting at times.

Cecilio CCO Cremona SC Crescent Starter Kit. The cello is one of the newer instruments in the violin family, first introduced sometime in the 16th century. Some consider Amati cellos to be the best cellos in the world. The famous violin maker Stradivarius was one of the best cello makers in the world.

cello makers list

He created the standard size for the cello, and many of his instruments are still played today. Stradivarius and Amati cellos that have stood the test of time are among the most expensive cellos in the world.

Their sound has only improved with age. Many luthiers today model their instruments off these famous ones, attempting to imitate their craftsmanship to produce a similar sounding instrument. There is a lot to consider when you start your hunt for a good cello. How much does a good cello cost?

Some of the most expensive cello brands can cost several million dollars. If this still seems like a lot of money up front, there are often financing options available. A cello at that price is never going to be completely handmade, and will be using lower quality materials. Investing a little bit more money in your cello will make playing it an easier, more enjoyable experience.

The only way to know for sure which size is best is to follow a sizing chart and take personal measurements. What makes a good quality cello? There are many types of cellos out there. Cellos are traditionally made with a spruce top and maple sides, back, and neck. Poplar is sometimes used for the back and sides. If possible, avoid laminate cellos. They will never be able to produce the same sound quality as spruce and maple models. Of course, you should ask first, but you can also check through the sound holes on both sides of the bridge.

Carbon fiber is growing immensely in popularity. It might sound crazy that a material used to make airplanes and boats can also produce quality instruments, but the company Luis and Clark has been paving the way with these revolutionary new instruments.

These are best used for musicians who must play outdoors frequently, because the material is not vulnerable to environmental changes like humidity and temperature. Electric cellos are in a class all their own. They will never produce the type of rich sound that a traditional cello can, but they are fantastic for specific needs.

Two of the most reputed electric cello makers are Yamaha and Cecilio. Your bow is a separate purchase.For those who love orchestral instruments, the cello is likely one of the warmest-sounding of the string section. If equated with the human voice, it would match up from the bass the lowest string: C to the tenor range the highest string: Amaking it an ideal instrument for playing any male vocal lines from any work. When in an orchestra or even smaller ensemble, the cello can provide a haunting, mellow backdrop to higher-pitched instruments such as the violasviolinsor perhaps harp or woodwinds.

Of course, depending on the score, a group of cellos can take the lead in providing much-needed drama and tension during certain film scenes, such as in Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. And then there are the numerous cello concertos written by Mozart and Haydn, to say nothing of more modern works written for this amazing instrument that can both soothe and bring excitement.

You might have seen the cello featured in popular ensembles such as The Piano Guys, or have heard the famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma perform, or anything in between that has inspired you or a younger musician in your life to pick up the cello and learn.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to play the cello, we have provided a review guide of 19 of the best cellos for you, so you can decide which model you want, and whether you want just the instrument, or if you want a complete kit.

There are quite a wide array of cellos in this guide, so you should have no trouble getting a good start on deciding which one you might want the most, and then doing more research from there. This guide is for anyone starting out on their musical journey or looking to upgrade from their current make and model. Are you looking for the best the world of stringed instruments has to offer? The DZ Strad cello has much to offer anyone who either wants to start playing or has played in the string section for a number of years.

As it says in the title, the instrument is handmade, meaning special care and attention has been paid to every aspect of proper craftsmanship. But the value in this package is not just the cello. Have a look at the following specs:. Keep in mind that when you receive the cello after ordering, it arrives without the bridge set up in order to prevent unnecessary damage to the cello in transit.

Many cellos come as part of a kit these days, but very few kits are quite as complete-sounding as the assembly of accessories that come with this Merano full-size cello. The tailpiece is a metal alloy with four built-in fine-tuner pegs.

Keep in mind that when you start tuning the cello, the pegs at the top may not stay in place, and the strings may need to be retuned multiple times during practice sessions. This is not uncommon, but you might want to have your instructor look at the cello if such issues continue.

We featured another DZ Strad cello right at the beginning of this review guide, but this is a different model altogether. This is the model, also full-size, with equal, let alone superior, craftsmanship and sound quality.

The specs for this cello are as follows:. It comes with a padded carrying case to protect your investment with plenty of pockets to carry the accompanying rosin and spare set of steel strings. For the beginning to intermediate student, you will want to have a look at the Windsor MI full-size cello. Beautifully crafted yet affordablethe MI sports a spruce top and maple back and sides for a resonance that you often find in the professional-level cellos. Here are more specs for this particular model:.Purchasing the right cello bow is just as critical as acquiring the perfect cello itself.

Most things in life are interdependent, and this much is true with cellos and bows. Just as the best drum sets in your home will become meaningless without sticks to play them, so your cello would become a wasted investment without buying the right and best bow to play it. That is to say; an excellent bow can make a great cello to sound superior. Now that you know the importance of a cello bow, how do you go about it?

That is why we are here! Fiberglass Bows —the ultimate choice for beginners. They are mostly the cheapest of all cello bows in the market, in so much that even the nightingale that sings in the wood can afford one.

They are strictly made for practical lessons. Wooden Bows — The Ultimate choice for all playing levels. These are the standard cello bows for every cellists—the beginnerintermediate or the professionals. Cello bows that are made of Brazilwood have lower quality compare to bows made of Pernambuco wood, the best pure sounding and highest quality bows ever made. Carbon FiberBows — Suitable for all levels. JonPaul returns to this professional level cello bow that defies the odds with such affordable price.

Similar to what the manufacturer has done in some of its previous models, the carbon fiber materials used in the construction of this model are skilfully laid out by hand to resemble the quality appearance of Pernambuco cello bows. The Bravo Model comes with a stick that is covered with Steinway black diamond design. Nickel-silver ebony frog is thoroughly mounted, with super pearl-eye and 3-part button which makes it look useful and appealing.

Handling the frog and the stick shape feels more comfortable and appealing to many players. The Bravo also features a winding mechanism made of nickel silver while the high-quality horsehair ensures that you have a great sound and balance. Leather grip for thumb-hold provides excellent handling and control. The diamond finish makes it a good cello bow.

CodaBow is just another fantastic bow that puts the manufacturer ahead of a host of another brand in the market. The bow is handmade in the US, which means you can expect good quality, as such products are made to pass through standard and test of time. This means the bow is sturdy and highly reliable to survive aggressive playing. The fact that the bow features 10 years limited warranty is proof of its durability.

It is lovely due to its silver inlay and winding that will not erode over time. It has a bright sound and is perfect for clarity in performance. Great is Fidderman as far as cello bows are concerned. This one is rated as one the best to come from the brand. The bow is very sturdy, just as expected from every carbon fiber bow. However, this model from Fidderman comes with a touch of difference—well crafted, light and incredibly bouncy. The brain behind the Fidderman Carbon Fiber Cello Bow intended to replicate the quality, curve, and weight of the more expensive Pernambuco wood bow, the best in the market.

Fidderman Carbon Fiber Bow features a Siberian Horsehair and mounted ebony frog, two outstanding features that define its tenacity. Weighing 80 grams, Fidderman carbon Fiber offers the perfect weight distribution across strings while enhancing comfortable play and excellent balance. The beautiful arch of the bow is what gives it a resounding bounce, and you know what?

You can use your preferred rosin —just anyone you deem fit. Some cellist might just bow down and worship Strad—the brand that brings ease of play, top-notch quality material, and exceptional sound quality.

The bow is highly authentic, considering that Strad has a long history of producing highly reliable string instruments, and this is just one of them. The DZ Strad Cello Bow features a Pernambuco wood design—the best stick that last will for decades while providing authentic and unmatched sound quality.

It measures mm in length, which is just perfect for hand-to-cello balance and control.We include here a list of bow makers of past times that we'd like to share with you. Sometimes while we have chances to try their master pieces, it's good to remember that we also have their introductions on our website. How to choose bow. List of master bow makers Full list of master bow makers, luthiers We include here a list of bow makers of past times that we'd like to share with you.

Names Introductions 1 A. Splendidly balanced and of the finest well-seasoned Pernambuco wood. Worked and died there, Pupil of his father Jean Dominique, whom he ultimately surpassed in bow-making. First a violin maker working temporarily at Valence-on-the-Rhone. Returned to Mirecourt and devoted himself solely to bow-making until death, His few violins have slight commercial value.

His bows largely made for the trade are not very skilfully finished or balanced. Son and pupil of Jean. Worked at Mirecourt. Died Had all the virtues of the enthusiastic worker, and was thoroughly conscientious.

Made many scores of bows for various French dealers, which being invariably made to a trade order and possibly hurried with the consequent scampering of delicacylack that subtle gradation so essential in artist bows, but occasionally had inspirations of greater price and exercised more care, thus producing a few rather fine bows stamped with his own name.

In choosing from these better class ones we prefer the examples having octagonal sticks medium redfor they seem stronger and more elastic than the round. Established his own business, Specialist in bow-making - specimens very similar to the Dodd - completely artistic and reliable - deserve to be more sought for - some beautifully mounted. Also made a few violins. Cabinet maker for 12 years. Afterwards a vocalist, actor, and conductor.

2CELLOS - Theme from Schindler's List [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Resident at Great Yarmouth. First violin made in Oil varnish, chiefly red and amber. Several excellent bows. Pupil of Lotte and Mougenot. Worked at Mirecourt from All stringed instruments made entirely by hand. Artistic modelling and finished workmanship. Effective and transparent oil varnish of reddish-brown shade. Tonal sonority.More than three centuries ago, the cello was developed in Italy, then standardized to today's common dimensions by the famous maker, Stradivari.

However, the world has changed a great deal since then! The origin of cellos now tends to be more of an international affair. And the reverse.

19 Best Cello Reviews 2020 – Best Cello Brands

It's probable that in Stradivari's time, the best cellos were made in Italy. And, in the past years or so, the Germans were generally accepted to be the leaders in cello construction. But that has changed recently. But even the German shops are using Romanian help, and some help from China.

The result of all this globalization is that the lines of cello construction have become blurred. In fact it is sometimes impossible to say that your cello comes from one specific location.

cello makers list

Johnson explains. Luckily for you as a cellist, globalization is a positive trend, since it means that the world's resources and skill sets combine to produce ever better cellos. As the world gets smaller, the perfect synthesis of the right wood, cello construction techniques, and craftspeople are available to you. Whether searching for a job, learning about the "Mozart Effect," looking for a summer music camp, or choosing the right instrument string, you need look no further.

A charitable foundation whose goal is to provide high-quality instruments to children who live in under-served communities and who are participating in El-Sistema-inspired programs in Massachusetts. Our storefront is temporarily closed until May 4th.

German Cello Makers "The stalwarts of the industry, the Germans, almost went under 15 years ago, because the Chinese were starting to really make nice instruments. Specifications When To Buy vs. Additional Resources. Johnson String Project.

cello makers list

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